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  1. A member disappeared. Why?

  2. Am I eligible to join JWed?

  3. Are there any free upgrades available for those in financial need?

  4. Are there really over 2,000 people matched?

  5. Can I Delete a Message Once Sent?

  6. Can I e-mail you my photo?

  7. Can I have multiple JWed accounts?

  8. Can I receive a partial refund for unused time?

  9. Can I transfer the remainder of my subscription to a friend?

  10. Can I unsend a message?

  11. Can you give me dating advice?

  12. Change Password

  13. Contact JWed

  14. Do dating coaches have access to my private information?

  15. Do I have to join twice?

  16. Do I need to provide my real name and phone number?

  17. Do my age, height and other details need to be accurate?

  18. Do you have an affiliate program?

  19. Do you record a match at engagement or on the wedding day?

  20. Do you track divorces?

  21. Does the match count represent number of people or matches?

  22. Donations & giving back through the Jewish Marriage Fund.

  23. How are the Orthodox hashkafas defined?

  24. How can I become a Dating Coach?

  25. How can I edit my home location?

  26. How can I make JWed work for me?

  27. How can I see the bios of your dating coaches?

  28. How do broken engagements and divorces affect the match count?

  29. How do Free Previews work?

  30. How Do I Accept/Decline a New Chat Request?

  31. How do I advertise on your site?

  32. How do I block a member?

  33. How Do I Block a Member?

  34. How Do I Close or Reopen a Chat

  35. How do I delete a message from my inbox?

  36. How do I know if a member is Free, Standard or Plus?

  37. How Do I Know When a Message Sent in My Chat Has Been Read?

  38. How Do I Receive Email Notifications of Replies in My Chats?

  39. How do I remove my profile from the site?

  40. How Do I Report a Member?

  41. How Do I Send a Message to a New Member?

  42. How do I submit a confidential match report?

  43. How do I submit a public Success Story?

  44. How do you know the match count is accurate?

  45. How do you know there are so many unreported matches?

  46. How does JWed work?

  47. How does the firewall work?

  48. How is my subscription affected if I suspend my profile?

  49. How much does the service cost?

  50. How much does the service cost?

  51. How to cancel your subscription?

  52. How to search by display name

  53. I forgot my password. Help!

  54. I sent payment in the mail. When will my account be upgraded?

  55. Is Chats Instant Messaging? NO...

  56. Is JWed affiliated with JDate?

  57. Is my information safe and secure?

  58. Is there a discount if I prepay for a longer period?

  59. It hasn't worked for me. So who is it that's getting married?

  60. JWed in the Media?

  61. My subscription was not automatically renewed. Why?

  62. Test 3

  63. Updates to Private Photos

  64. What Do Different Numbers in Message Counters Mean?

  65. What Do The Different Color Coded Icons Mean?

  66. What happened to the "Hide" or "Hidden" setting?

  67. What is '' on my credit card statement?

  68. What is 'On Break' and how does it work?

  69. What is a universally-recognized conversion?

  70. What Is and How Do I Download the JWed App?

  71. What is auto-renew?

  72. What is Chats?

  73. What is Plus?

  74. What is the Customer Service Phone Number?

  75. What is the JWed Match app?

  76. What is the Mazel Wave?

  77. What is your success rate?

  78. What methods of payment do you accept?

  79. What's the difference between a free account and a subscriber account?

  80. Where does the money go?

  81. Where is JWed located?

  82. Who are your dating coaches?

  83. Who can see my private information?

  84. Who can use the JWed Match app?

  85. Who manages JWed? Was Frumster sold?

  86. Who owns JWed?

  87. Why aren't I charged on the same day each month?

  88. Why Can I Not See My Messages and Sent and Received?

  89. Why Did JWed Change from "Messages" to "Chats?"

  90. Why did you rename Frumster to JWed?

  91. Why do you auto-renew?

  92. Why is there a fee for full access to

  93. Why isn't JWed 100% free?

  94. Why isn't my new photo appearing?

  95. Why should I let you know if I got matched on JWed?

  96. Will I see the same profiles I saw before?

  97. Will JWed continue to maintain it's 'Frum' environment?

  98. Will my account information be affected?

  99. Will my photo or name be used in advertising?

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