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What is 'On Break' and how does it work?

When your profile is on break; an abridged version of your profile is shown in searches but it's greyed out and no one can contact you. Instead; they can click a button that says "notify me". If you ever re-activate your profile by returning from break, they'll be notified with an email alert that you've rejoined the site. They can then contact you at that time. In addition, when you return from break, you may notice a new menu item called "While you were gone". In this tab, you'll be able to see who clicked "notify me" while you were on break. In order for you to focus on the relationship you are pursuing, we do not email you to tell you who clicked "notify me" while you are on break. You can only know about this activity if you log back into the site and re-activate your profile.

Your subscription will not be renewed while it is suspended or on break and there is no cost to be listed as "On Break"; however, your subscription end-date stays the same. It will not be extended for the amount of days that you are on Break.

If you'd like to set your profile status to "On Break" , follow the below steps:
1. Login to your account
2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Account"
3. Click "Identity & Login"
4. Choose appropriate option to put your profile on break

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