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What is Chats?

All former "messages" are now in "Chats."

Chats is the interface where JWed members communicate with other members.

Simply click on "Chats" on the top menu bar and you will be taken  to the "Chats" home page.

This "Chats" home page has all your open, closed and new chat requests received.

If you have many hundreds of messages in many chats with many members - it may currently take more than a few seconds to load. This will be resolved shortly.

There is no longer a Messages tab and sections "Sent and "Received."
Rather, ONE "Chat" is the back and forth communications between yourself and another member.

A new chat request is a message that has been initiated by another member to yourself.
While it feels like Instant Messaging, the module is still in the secure and safe JWed environment where all communications are monitored.

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