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Updates to Private Photos

As of 4/2/19, we've changed how private photos work. Instead of being 'password-protected', they are now permission-based. This makes private photos more secure and easier to manage. Here's what you need to know:
  1. You no longer need to share a password to share your photos
  2. When you send a message or icebreaker to another user, you';; see an option to share your photos. 
  3. You'll notice a new 'Private Photo Access List" under 'Privacy' which will let you immediately revoke access for any user
  4. When looking at any profile, you'll be reminded of any permission granted to that user with an easy link to revoke that access

These changes bring our website one-step closer to matching the functionality of our app and is an important step in fully synchronizing our two platforms together. 

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