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Will JWed continue to maintain it's 'Frum' environment?

Frumster was designed for the frum (religious) community and our Orthodox staff is committed to maintaining a frum environment, run under the highest standards of halacha (Torah law), under the JWed name as well.

Frumster has already accepted tens of thousands of non-orthodox singles over the past 10 years without compromising the frum environment because our innovative and comprehensive ‘firewall’ ensures an ideal environment for all users. For example, religious singles only see religious singles and secular singles only see secular singles. We’ve expanded this firewall to other criteria as well so individuals will never see or be seen by those who are a complete mismatch for them.

These firewalls will be maintained under the JWed name and together with our screening procedures; we are confident that we will ensure an ideal environment for all users; including a frum environment for our most religious members no matter how popular JWed becomes.

You can read more about our firewall policy here.

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