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How can I make JWed work for me?

Among the %match% success stories we have seen, there have been a few commonalities:

1. Focus & sincerity: Spamming 'hello' never seems to work. Take the time to write sincere messages that are relevant to the person you are talking to.

2. Become a Paid Subscriber: Paying the nominal fee for a subscription not only shows you are serious but it vests you in the process. You will naturally approach things with more sincerity when you become a paying member and others will take you more seriously as well.

3. Photos: Physical attraction is important so we recommend adding a photo to your profile. But a photo is not mandatory. You can have success without a photo if you are the one making initial contact and if you have a photo on-hand to share when you are comfortable (you can use password-protected photos for this).

4. A Good Profile: Take some time to write about yourself. Focus on the things that make you unique and different. This is a great way for someone to become sincerely interested in getting to know you.

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